The Adventure Begins

seattle-space-needle-cityscape-at-night, Scandalous, A Scandalous Deception, Diane Morasco, Diane Nicole Morasco, Darianna James, Scandal Series, The Scandalous Series, Dallas Ewing, James Maverick, Sensual, Sexy, Sexy Diane Morasco, Seductive Diane Morasco, Sexy Darianna James, Dari James,Just before Christmas 2012 the universe placed a stunning presence in my path. A gift so lovely, so beautiful, I often wonder if I was dreaming. A rugged angel. An intelligent angel. An electrically charged messenger who ignited an inferno and brought a story I envisioned last year to life. A seraph that set every bell and whistle off. A maverick who finally released the safety and comfortableness surrounding my sultry essence. Good. Bad. Naughty. Nice. Sexy. Sultry. Scandalous. Wicked. Delicious. Me. Just me. Maverick’s presence revealed what the universe was setting in motion. And when my heroine’s hero entered the scene, the gauntlet was tossed and the characters told me how it was going to go down.

I want to take a moment to thank  the Universe for tossing Maverick into my life. He was a remarkable gift. His presence didn’t just wrap 2012’s rollercoaster ride sweetly, Maverick, was the significant element to bridge the story stones embedded in 2012 into 2013. What an OUTSTANDING gift. For me to create, to nourish, and to nurture. How blessed am I? Extremely blessed. While I will become a faded imprint in his memory, I will take my gift from our time together and set the sky ablaze. For that my heart will always be grateful. Good gravy, he is one striking, seductive, and sexy as all get out man. Like whoa! And for those who may be wondering, yes, he is the hero of my series. He is Dallas’s everything. Whoa! Electric current is flowing through me. Hmmm…guess it is best I not tell this as Diane Morasco after all, huh? I am honored to introduce you to Dallas Ewing’s reason, James Maverick. *tingles* From the moment I introduced James Maverick as Dallas Ewing’s hero, he made his presence known and took over. Maverick changed the scope of things for me and for my book. It has taken on an entirely new direction. Maverick changed the game for The Triple D’s (Diane, Darianna, and Dallas). *giggling*

This striking spirit unleashed a layer to my soul by shining a light on my darkest crevices. With glowing warmth this angel on earth melted the iciest pieces, and with a gentle and strong caress chased the remaining terrors away.  I was inspired by this unexpected blessing, and my authentic self emerged.

A stirring was unearthed, it erupted and it steered me here.  As Dari, I am entering new territory and I am beyond electrified. In fact, I feel like Pop Rocks (remember those, cookie cakes?) dipped in a shaken bottle of Piper Heidsieck 1907…or Diet Vanilla Pepsi! Ya can take the spitfire away from Long Island, but she is still a spitfire keepin’ it real! *giggle*

With my heartfelt gratitude to my beautiful gifts, thank you bunches of oats for believing in me. You are always inside my heart; I wouldn’t have started this journey without you, my heartfelt treasures: Braxton Cosby, Saranna DeWylde, Ellen Byerrum, Parris Afton Bonds, Liz Lipperman, Gordon, Jack Meriwether, Lisa Meriwether, Jax Meriwether, Brianna Meriwether, Ryan Meriwether, Kaylie Meriwether, Raine, Nic, Maverick, and JCG. And for those who have nurtured me and are no longer traveling this passage with me, Elizabeth, Lemon, K, and PJ, you are always with me.

Join me on my expedition, cookie cakes, as I grip it and rip it. *wink*

With all of my gratitude and love for your grace. Fish kisses! xoxoxo

Diane Morasco writing as Darianna James
New Jersey Blizzard 2013 aka NEMO

2 comments on “The Adventure Begins

  1. Thank you, darling! You’re so amazing and wonderful, and deserve every good thing. Stay safe, warm, and writing those wicked words!

  2. You are so welcome, Warrior mama! Thank you for being there from the beginning when all this saucy talk started last winter. And an unexpected blessing entered the scene and woke me from my waking slumber. Good gravy! Thank you for encouraging, listening, and nurturing. I am still an ice, ice, Chica, but those Maverick scenes brings on a fire!

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