Inspired by a Maverick

A Scandalous Deception, Diane Morasco, Darianna James, I want to thank everyone for your encouragement, excitement and love with this new journey. I am so blessed. Since the beginning of the year, I have been keeping the world of Darianna James sheltered and have only shared it with my heart family. Darianna James was created after conversations with my Warrior Goddess, my Butterfly, and Anne Rice. I listened, I cried, I prayed, I ran, I hiked, I meditated, I shared, and I got ticked pissed. I didn’t want to take on another nom de plume. I mean nothing against plums, I love them in fact, I just wanted to write as Diane Morasco. My children’s books aren’t written under Diane Morasco because I want to keep the two worlds separated. I just wanted the world to know Diane Morasco is more than the sum of her parts. I have created a life separate from my DNA and it is sacred. Still, I knew there was a message and I had to sit still and listen.  I cried, I prayed, I ran, I hiked, I meditated, I shared, and I got ticked pissed. I listened. I asked God to send me a name I would love, be proud of and remember. Darianna James was created. Darianna because I have always been daring. James is to honor the most exquisite creature God has ever created. And he is the man who unearthed the sand I was standing on and poured cement under me. My cherished friend, Parris Afton Bonds, lovingly tells me it must be a curse and a blessing to be Diane Morasco. As I write this tears cascade and those words echo. I have been building the world of Darianna James judiciously as time permits. I am even attending a workshop for WordPress to steer as far away from my Diane Morasco side, but I am who I am and it spills over. I am navigating away from the beach theme, but, yes, there is water as my Puget Sound header showcases. And it is a night scene since I am nocturnal. Wink

I don’t mind sharing my professional life, but my personal life isn’t something I’m open to sharing. I didn’t sign on for that. I am just a spitfire creating and doing my thing. My personal life is just that, my personal life. What I do is what I do. My family and friends didn’t cosign to this lifestyle and I don’t want them anywhere near it. Believe it or not, I am not Wonder Woman; although I can lasso darn good. giggle. I need a sanctuary to call my own. I have only a soupçon of those I trust and that circle barely hits 21. The line in the sand (see beach inferences) was crossed today. Please do not ask about Maverick. Do not ask for me to do an interview about him. Please do not ask to interview him or the two of us together. Please give me this moment to savor. I have not known happiness in my life until he barreled in. All I knew was sadness and with his absence my old friend sadness has decided to visit. I have an interview going live this week with someone I treasure and I answer one question about Maverick. And that is it. I gave a tease on FB about my secret and I plan on revealing to the public about my journey as Darianna James on the 26th.  I don’t ask for much of anything, but I am asking for discretion. I want to cherish every single moment I shared with Maverick. If you want to know what he is like, you will when A Scandalous Deception is released. It’s no secret I created my hero James Maverick for my heroine Dallas Ewing because of his presence; and she deserves to know what a genuine man is too.

I am so grateful for your kindheartedness, love, and sustenance. I am extremely blessed. My little girl inside is as excited as hearing a cat meow and a dog bark on Christmas Eve when that is all she yearns for from Santa.

Hugs and fish kisses! xoxoxo

Diane Morasco writing as Darianna James
New York City

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