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The Strip runs through the unincorporated municipalities of Paradise and Winchester, which are south of the Las Vegas city limits.

The Vegas Strip is roughly a 4.2-mile stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard South in Clark County, Nevada. A hefty slice of the Strip has been appointed an All-American Road, and has an indicative earmark of being a picturesque nocturnal route.

One of the chief observable characteristics of Vegas’ majestic depictions is the theatrical architecture.

In 1959 the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign was assembled precisely 4.5 miles beyond the bounds of the town perimeters. Presently the symbol is approximately 0.4 miles south of the southernmost entrance to Mandalay Bay.

“The Strip” merely denotes to the expanse of Las Vegas Boulevard that is amid Russell Road and Sahara Avenue, a range of 4.2 miles. Conversely, the nomenclature frequently denotes not simply to the road but correspondingly to the innumerable casinos and resorts that pepper the boulevard, and to real estate which are not situated on the motorway but in the vicinity. The idioms Resort Corridor, Resort District or Strip Area, are occasionally bandied to designate a loftier topographical region, consisting of landscape a mile or more away from the Vegas Strip

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Diane Morasco, Darianna James,Hey, Cookie Cakes! If you landed here, it must be on the searches under Diane Morasco and All Things Morasco. Welcome! Welcome! I am in the process of putting the world of Darianna James together, so I’d appreciate it if we keep all of this on the hush. Guess what?  You have a scoop. Yes, a scoop, you are one of the few who know about Diane Morasco and Darianna James being one and the same. I don’t even have this posted on my website, but I may have to post that I have a secret as a tease because I did mention it on FB last week. However, I didn’t on Twitter. Grrr! I am so not a social media butterfly. I prefer to LIVE my life. Social media does have its place, but I am just too reserved for my biz to be out on the cyber streets. Know what I’m saying, Honey Bees? There is enough out there swirling and I want to keep the universe green, so I am doing my best not to use up too many electric ions. Let’s face it; I have enough electricity coursing through my being, so I can step back. Meow

As for the world of Darianna James, I plan on dropping the info on the 26th; Although, I have been thinking about dropping clues and revealing it officially on 03/03/13. So, who knows when the reveal will be. Hey, I’m a diva and I can change my mind. Giggle.

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Diane Morasco writing as Darianna James
February 12, 2013
Rockefeller Center

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