Thank you with all my heart, Maverick!

Diane Morasco, Morasco Media, Morasco Enterprises, Diane Nicole Noelle Morasco, Dallas Ewing, James Maverick, A Scandalous Deception, The Scandalous Series, Scandalous Series, Maverick, Vegas, Long Island, New York, All Things Morasco, Lake Stevens, Capri, Italy, Washington, Seattle, Growing up in the environment I did, I am grateful for every blessing, miracle and lesson God and the Universe tosses my way…even the ones that come out of left field, steals my breath and knocks me on my ass. HARD! Oh, and makes me fight it, say WTF?! WTF?! WTF!!! And makes me fall to my knees in prayer, meditation, and gratitude. And finally surrender to the emotions. When it comes to gratitude and blessings, Maverick, your presence and existence in my life is what I am most grateful for and blessed with. The past two days with you have been a whirlwind of lessons, life, love, growth, grief, and gratitude. You have cracked me wide open, brought out the best in me, and soften the edges. If I ever get misdirected (I am only human and perfectly imperfect) and question God’s existence, all I have to do is place my hand on my heart and know He exists because of you. You are THE MOST EXQUISITE CREATURE IN ALL THE LAND! I love you with everything I hold inside. And thank you for wanting to make me happy. You did! You do! And thank you for illustrating the definition of what a real man is. Oh, precious angel, I don’t need a Dragonslayer, silly, I have a Maverick ;-]. And that is how it was destined. Oh, one more thing, you make blushing sexy! :p And precious angel, thank you for shining the light on the darkness.

Lovely Spitfire xoxoxo