About Me

 DMIn real life, I am the wickedly delicious Diane Morasco (DM). For my Scandalous series, I am writing as the wickedly scandalous Darianna James (DJ).  Writing as Darianna James offers me the opportunity to reach a fresh and diverse assortment of readers.  And scribing as Darianna James allows me to plunge even deeper into my sensual side without restraints; although restraints are wickedly delectable. *bites lower left lip and winks*

It all started with The Book Resort in ’09.

I am a triple fusion ethnically –vanilla, caramel and chocolate.  And as Diane Morasco – designer, media proprietor and writer.  I am the Founder and CEO of both Morasco Media (MM) and Morasco Enterprises (ME).

I have a genuine fervor for animals, butter cream cupcakes, Dallas, Sons of Anarchy, Suits, the beach, cinnamon gum, literacy, music, movies, sailing, hockey, snowmobiling, shooting pool, hiking, Italy, coconut oil massages, leather and velvet gloves, masks and ropes…and curling up under the covers!

In a nutshell, I am a mustang…exotic, strong, tempestuous, and unbridled. Giddy up! *saucy dimpled grin and wink*

Diane Morasco is scandalous, but writing as Darianna James brings scandal to a whole new level! Introducing Darianna James, the edgier, naughtier and more scandalous side of Diane Morasco. *Cracks whip*


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