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Let me first start off by saying thank you to whoever believes in me and my writing to do what you have done. I haven’t the faintest clue as to whom the little angel…or angels are who have mentioned me to not one, but three individuals this week. If you are one angel, please know you have knocked me for a loop. I owe you a few celebratory shots of Jack! With that said, I also have to say this is so darn damn overwhelming to me and my little girl inside. Cookie cakes, I am rather dizzy with this news. I can guess until the cows come home (love that adage) who may have sang like a canary, but I am not going to. Whoever my angel is or my angels are, if you wanted me to know, you’d have mentioned it to me…not just before my answer is due with a yes or no to speaking before a crowd about my new escapade and Maverick. And not before the deadline to entering a Writing Festival. And the eve before to boot. Breathe, Morasco, BREATHE!

I have been so swamped I had to rearrange my schedule this week and take a few days away from the computer because my sinuses (from all the traveling) decided to have a friggin’ party. What did I do? I decided to listen to the universe telling me to just do my thing on the go. It was a total mobile week. Hmmm…seems while Morasco chills my magical little sprites were busy buzzing in the universe on behalf of me and my new journey. Thank you, thank you, but ya gotta give a diva a heads up…’cause I am better giving surprises than receiving them. Reason? Not familiar territory. And I also need at least three days for prayer, meditation, and to hit the asphalt with my kids to ponder things. God and the universe is definitely all over this. Last night I finally caught up with the correspondence while I was supposed to be resting, but couldn’t and therefore caught up on emails and heard the messages. And after the triple ripple surprises, I was out in the rain with my girl H processing it all. I told my sinuses to fall back. And my answer? Yes! I decided to go for it. I am not sure what the heck I am doing, but I am taking the plunge. First up, I will be speaking about the voyage Maverick’s presence has set me on. Let me say this to all of you inquisitive folks who want to know about Maverick. He is the inspiration for my Darianna James excursion, my children’s literature moniker (can’t even breathe this name out in public to keep the kiddies away from the Notorious Morasco. wink.), The Maverick Chronicles, The Maverick Collection (tentative titles), and three other series. My team and I are defining where to place it. It isn’t DJ’s story. It is Diane Morasco’s, but it may fall under the children’s moniker because one was coined Middle Grade this week. I can’t believe I have delved into the third tier in children’s lit – MG. I wish I could just shout from the rooftops, but I can’t. I can proudly say my range with children’s literature is rather vast from picture books to MG to Young Adult. And it is what I was created to do…give hope to children that there is more than what they even imagine in their precious hearts. Growing up, and still today, I always believed there was more than what I was entrenched in. My children’s realm is what I shield most and what heals the wounds of my childhood. I do wish that there will come a time when I can just say it all stems from me, but for now, I won’t let the two worlds unite. And with release dates being scheduled, it is going to be one immense adventure.

From the reaction and excitement from those I have shared my Maverick writings with, cookie cakes, you are lovin’ them. Thank you. Grinning.  I am so honored and my insides are chocolate caramel chip gooey warm. Wow, to know my Maverick creations, my Maverick works are causing a stir is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! MY MAVERICK WRITINGS (how friggin’ surreal is that? Mega surreal!) are being called tantalizing, gripping, hot, erotic (gotta adjust to that one, cookie cakes) and are piquing a lot of interest is MINDBLOWING!!! Extremely. And causing tears…which is messing with my sinuses. Not what I need. So not what I need. I am so blessed. Thank you everyone for believing in me. I will admit, it is foreign to have so many in my corner, but it is about time. I am so tired of doing it all on my own. And all of you will always be ingrained in my heart. With that said, honey cakes, we still need to keep this quiet. And if you stumbled here, please keep it on the hush until I am ready to announce it publicly. Pretty please with cherries on top. Saucy wink! I am still behind the scenes as time permits putting it all together.

I know all of you wonderful and encouraging angels are getting antsy. Who am I kidding, you ladies are curious nosey as hell to get the scoop on the muse himself. Giggling! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!! You women are scandalous!!! Scandalous! Hahaha! Sorry, cookie cakes, but Maverick is as sheltered as the children’s sphere. I will say this he is one EXQUISITE CREATURE! Mmm…Maverick!  Okay, enough! Is it hot tonight? Where are those ice cubes? Global Maverick-ing! Hahaha!!! Thank you to everyone who is lovin’ this side of me…I am as well. I am living my dreams! And I have to acknowledge Maverick’s presence in my life has opened me (ladies, ladies, ladies, tisk tisk) up, elevated me to a level beyond even my imaginings, and stripped me bare. And everything I am right now is a result of a chance encounter. And I will always be grateful beyond measure.

The reality A Scandalous Deception drops December 20th is causing me to get really woozy. Woo! Diana Layne you may have to stock up on smelling salts.  Liz Lipperman thank you for saying my fans (how bizarre is that) will follow my foray as DJ. Saranna DeWylde for gently reminding me Diane Morasco is a BRAND…if it wasn’t gentle…I’d be in seclusion under the covers hearing the waves ebb and flow. And thank you to my angels: Parris Afton Bonds, Saranna DeWylde, Ellen Byerrum, Braxton Cosby, Diana Layne, Nic, Tommy, Drew, Butterfly, Gordon, Joya Fields, Jennifer Stanley aka Ellery Adams, Kaye, Stacie, Trevor, Kyle, Jamie Leigh Hansen, Liz Lipperman, Stephan Labossiere, Dawné Dominique, Lynda Renham, Sean Ringgold aka Cocoa Sugar Bear, Zac Efron, the Meriwether’s, JCG, and Maverick. It means so much to me to have your sustenance and for lighting the torches for me on my trek.

And for all those who have been asking about my email signature quote, thank you.  And the answer is, yes, you better believe Maverick inspired it.

“The only way to achieve pure joy, absolute serenity, and unconditional love is to risk being stripped bare.” – Diane Morasco

And finally what a delicious and electrifying thrill I got when the fantastic Dawné Dominique said, “Who’s this Maverick? OMG! My heart was pounding reading your post.” WOW! High praise for Maverick…and for me since I took his essence to create this ENCHANTED world. And what I can’t do to Maverick…Dallas will! BADA BING. BADA BANG. BADA KABOOM! Wicked laughter!

Diane Morasco writing as Darianna James
East Rutherford, New Jersey
March 9, 2013

Parris Afton Bonds, Saranna DeWylde, Ellen Byerrum, Braxton Cosby, Diana Layne, Nic, Tommy, Drew, Butterfly, Gordon, Joya Fields, Jennifer Stanley aka Ellery Adams, Kaye, Stacie, Trevor, Kyle, Jamie Leigh Hansen, Liz Lipperman, Stephan Labossiere, Dawné Dominique, Sean Ringgold aka Cocoa Sugar Bear, Zac Efron, the Meriwether’s, JCG, and Maverick