Diane Morasco, Darianna James,Hey, Cookie Cakes! If you landed here, it must be on the searches under Diane Morasco and All Things Morasco. Welcome! Welcome! I am in the process of putting the world of Darianna James together, so I’d appreciate it if we keep all of this on the hush. Guess what?  You have a scoop. Yes, a scoop, you are one of the few who know about Diane Morasco and Darianna James being one and the same. I don’t even have this posted on my website, but I may have to post that I have a secret as a tease because I did mention it on FB last week. However, I didn’t on Twitter. Grrr! I am so not a social media butterfly. I prefer to LIVE my life. Social media does have its place, but I am just too reserved for my biz to be out on the cyber streets. Know what I’m saying, Honey Bees? There is enough out there swirling and I want to keep the universe green, so I am doing my best not to use up too many electric ions. Let’s face it; I have enough electricity coursing through my being, so I can step back. Meow

As for the world of Darianna James, I plan on dropping the info on the 26th; Although, I have been thinking about dropping clues and revealing it officially on 03/03/13. So, who knows when the reveal will be. Hey, I’m a diva and I can change my mind. Giggle.

So, if you want to poke around, go ahead and have at it—cyberly that is. Wink

In the meantime, Honey Cakes, I am going to handle things behind the scenes. Again, thank you for dropping by.

Remember, Cookie Cakes, embrace your moments!

Diane Morasco writing as Darianna James
February 12, 2013
Rockefeller Center

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